E.G.S. proposes as partner for companies willing to innovate their creative and productive workflow to enhance the quality of their products and to provide tools to fuel the creativity. For this reason E.G.S. develops and uses the most advanced techniques for elaboration and computer graphics.

We develop solutions for elaboration of existing virtual 3D models or models acquired with 3d scanners of any kind. With our products you can prepare the virtual model for use in several fields, almost everybody can derive benefit from our technologies: industrial design, architecture, medical field, designing, entertainment and media...

E.G.S. headquarter is based in Italy, with other branches in Italy and Russia. Founders gained their knowledge and shared common experiences in companies dedicated to designing, industrial design and research institutes. E.G.S.' core was born in 1998 as an R&D department of a key Italian company in the field of designing and industrial design.

In the following years collaborations with research institutes and researchers were established, and these collaborations had yielded original solutions that had allowed the firm to become one of the leading companies in the own sector.

In 2002 E.G.S. had become an independent company with the mission to distribute the products and solutions developed during the past years and, naturally, to further research and develop original solutions.

Today E.G.S. can provide standard solutions for 3D Scanning and Reverse Modeling, develop unique products upon customers' specifications, customize existing software, develop algorithms, provide counseling and to provide C++ libraries to companies or research institutes willing to develop their own software using our technologies.