For most American homeowners, the purchase of their home represents the largest single purchase they will ever make. Unfortunately, as a result of the economic circumstances of the last 5 years related to the housing bubble, most homeowners have watched the their equity, in whole or substantial part, literally vanish. Most homeowners are "waiting to see what happens" and clinging, perhaps, to the belief that a housing market recovery is just around the corner. Frankly, that simply may not be the case. In fact, the evidence is overwhelming that the health and welfare of the "common homeowner" is secondary, at best, to the health and welfare of the banks and financial institutions. If this were not the case, the banks would be re-writing mortgage loans to settle defaulted accounts at amounts, rates and terms which are sustainable - and not as "set up to fail" payment arrangements which they peddle as legitimate "mortgage modifications." Homeowners never got "bailed out." Only the banks did.

In response to the devastating effects of the housing bubble to the average U.S. homeowner , ehsportal.com was established to help homeowners understand, address, and deal with a host of circumstances which are related to their loss of home value and equity; and make the corresponding decisions about how to resolve their individual circumstances.

The information available to users of this site has been gleaned from years of hands-on review of hundreds of foreclosure cases (both pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure) and intense legal research into applicable foreclosure statutory and case law. That information is available to users in a foreclosure defense database designed to dramatically increase their odds of saving their home (and their money).

There are simply not any other comparable Internet resources that offer the insight and information that are available at ehsportal.com.