Evacusafe design and manufacture Evacuation Equipment which is specially designed to assist the safe evacuation of mobility impaired people from multi level buildings in the event of an emergency evacuation.

With their Head Office based in the UK the company have a network of local offices across the Globe which facilitate the sale and distribution of their products to many countries throughout the World.

A person may be unable to evacuate their self from a multi-level building in an emergency because they have an injury, such as a broken leg, they may be disabled, such as a wheelchair user, or perhaps incapacitated due to mental health.  Some people suffer from conditions that affect the knees, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or other medical conditions or diseases, which make it very difficult for them to take the stairs.  Also a heavily pregnant woman may find it difficult to manoeuvre herself down a stair way in an emergency situation.

The company specialise in Tracked Evacuation Chairs, Patient Transport Chairs and Evacuslider Rescue-sheets.

Evacusafe’s range of products are designed to assist in the safe evacuation of such people, giving them the best chance possible, with a little help, to make it to safety in an emergency.  Their products are already used in many establishments across the Globe; from Government buildings and offices, public buildings, shopping centres, hotels, the NHS, hospitals, care homes, nursing homes and schools to the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, the World’s tallest building, The Rose Rayhaan, the world’s tallest hotel and the Qatar Financial Centre and International Extended Care in Saudi Arabia.

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Phone 01256 332723
Website www.evacusafe.net