Eirteic are an ‘Enabler’. Our Customers are Digital Service Providers and we enable them to thrive in a fast-changing world. We enable them to Improve their customer experience, manage their growth and control costs. We do this for customers all over the world, delivering major change with tangible results. How do we do that? We’re a perfectly sized company, with years of experience and fabulous project skills but, more than that, we focus on delivering real results at pace, making our projects fun, exciting and different.

Eirteic customers are communications service providers (CSPs) and massive data centre providers. To our customers, their networks and the services running upon them are the core of their business. Downtime is not an option, peak performance is an imperative, and additional network capability creates new opportunities.

Eirteic is a specialist integrator of Service Assurance solutions to manage these critical networks and help our customers enhance their service levels, expand their capabilities and transform their business to face the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Our goal is summed up in three words Unify, Simplify, Enable.