ELi-Technology, a Nova Scotian SaaS location technology company is dedicated to addressing inaccurate location information provided during emergency calls, specifically for inside multi-story buildings.

We patented a location methodology, called “EML” which offers location information on a more detailed level than ever before.

EML, or “Emergency Mobile Location” delivers a verified, authoritative dispatchable address, with real-time accurate, and precise indoor and vertical location information, on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Verified dispatchable location refers to an authenticated location that can be directly communicated to an emergency call center or another authorized party, to ensure a swift and accurate response. It is the exact room, floor, building, and street address of the emergency, which will save valuable time and lives.

ATLS is an innovative, easily integrated location and mapping service, that combines EML with indoor mapping technology from GeoComm. ATLS is designed to upgrade into existing crisis communication or safety applications, providing a definitive indoor location visualized on a floor plan.

ATLS supports more productive and safe environments and ensures responders, security and administrators have actionable information when dealing with any situation, from staff check-in, and minor medical emergencies, to threat, lockdown, and evacuation scenarios.