Marketing - Management - Production - Product Placement/Advertisement

Entertainment Marketing Communications is a full service company that responds to the needs and wants of our clients by generating media attention and name recognition. We provide services to many different industries.
Based in Denver, Colorado we are equipped to travel to locations nationwide, Our team consist of a producer, editors for film or music, a special effects supervisor, directors of photography, a creative graphic designer and creative content writers.

EMC  helps companies with the latest digital and social media marketing outlets such as facebook, linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs and Moblie Technologhy.  
We offer one-on-one consultations, either in person or over the phone,on how to best utilize the correct combination of intergrated marketing and communciation tools.

See a breakdown of our services below:
For addtional information please call (303) 484-8294 or (303) 619-5145
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Graphic Development/Print
Quick Response Codes
Social Media Demographics
Social Networks
SEO-Search Engine
Business/Strategy Plans
Develop a campaign for your business
Film Festivals

Product Placement / Advertisement

Media Relations
Content and Blogs
Press Kit Design
Press Releases
Product Placement
Film Festivals
Crisis Communications


Corporate Videos
Internet Videos
Motion Graphics
Visual Effects
Management for Directors, Producers, Actors and Athletes