EMR is one of the world's leading metal recycling companies.  With over 150 depots in the UK, continental Europe and America and trading offices all over the world, we stand strong as one of the industry's most reliable and robust businesses.

We are a privately owned company and we pride ourself on having a strong reputation built on offering the most competitive prices and guaranteeing excellent levels of customer service.  Since our formation in 1994, we have gone from strength tp strength with organic growth necessary to support the success of the world leading company and a number of industry merger and acquisitions.

Our core business is the recycling of scrap metal from a range of sources such as End-of-Life vehicles/consumer products, industry, construction and demolition. This results in sales of recycled commodities of around 10 million tonnes a year. We have extensive ferrous and non-ferrous operations worldwide and produce over 100 grades of high quality recycled materials which are taken to market by our substantial road, rail and shipping network.

Supporting our core activities are a range of specialist divisions including industrial clearance, total waste management, ship breaking, servicing local government service providers, solder production, cable, copper and aluminium granulation facilities and environmental consultancy. Also, through our own and our joint venture activities we are working towards becoming a zero waste company.