ENKI has been in business since 2006, founded by the former CIO of NetSuite to take advantage of breakthroughs in datacenter and applications management, now called Cloud Computing, to deliver highly scalable, pay-as-you-go production IT services to customers remotely.   Today, ENKI's services are offered as Virtual IT designed to set our customers free to focus on their business while enjoying the cost savings of only paying for what they need.

ENKI's Virtual IT consists of:
- Ultra high performance and reliability cloud computing under the PrimaCloud name, built on a high performance computing (HPC) platform with VMWare, and delivered to SLAs including 99.975% and higher uptime guarantees.
- Cost effective application-focused cloud computing under the Computing Utility name, built on CA's AppLogic platform with an innovative application-based self-provisioning system, also delivered to 99.975% uptime.
- Operations services that reduce or eliminate the need for staffing expense to deliver a professional production IT service.  ENKI can design, deploy, manage, and resolve problems with our customers' virtual infrastructure and applications, including offering application-level SLAs and enterprise grade monitoring.
- Managed Private Cloud Computing services where ENKI delivers a private instance of the Computing Utility or PrimaCloud either at our customer's location or within our facilities.

ENKI's services are offered to its customers in the context of a win/win relationship that cultivates mutual trust necessary for outsourcing to be successful, as well as adding value to the relationship for customers who rely on us for critical IT services.   Dedicated sales and support staffing as well as highly responsive incident handling and service guarantees reassure our customers that ENKI takes their business seriously.