ENVIROTECH Group is committed to educating consumers regarding several of  the most important wellness issues and health threats occuring througout the world, and deliver proven and affirmative technology solutions, not only to protect, but also enhance their quality of life.  

The exclusive NASA technology at the core of our Air Purification line has been the subject of independent University lab testing in 2006 and beyond, which proved that it did reduce the level of all bacteria and viruses by at least 96%, but in most cases over 99%, within just 24 hours time.  Flu and infectious disease are widespread, and this technology is the only permanent, most universal protection available in the world.

That, in combination with other complimentary component technologies, allow our Air Purifier devices to provide the "cure" for the rampant poor indoor air quality that is the source of many current and future health challenges.  In fact, it is quite well known that a leading cause of disease detected later in life is the result of long term exposure to low levels of pollution, both at home and work.

The ionized alkaline water produced by our Water Ionizer product line have a 50 history of delivering amazing health benefits to the people of Asia and Japan.  In fact, they were chronicled as being so universal and prevelant that the Japanese government certified them as a "medical device" in 1966, and the South Korean government did the same in the 1970's.

Drinking alkaline ionized water counteracts the acidic body pH caused by the "Western Diet", and this is important as acidic body pH has been directly linked to the formation, presence and proliferation of disease by several independent researchers and tests.  Ionized alkaline water is key, as through the ionization process, the water microclusters are reduced to 33% the size, which allows for the "super-hydration" of the cells, resulting in their mass rehabilitation, and thus greatly fortifying the immune system.  The final benefit from ionization of water is its incredibly enhanced ORP, or "Oxidant Reduction Potential", where the greater the "negative value" (-), the more affective it is in eliminating the "Free Radicals" that destroy cells.

We believe that our Air Purification and Water Ionization technologies combined, provide the foundation for "Optimal Health" for everyone.