Ellen Palestrant is the owner of EP Creative Enterprises. She is a Writer, Artist, Filmmaker and Creativity Consultant. Ellen Palestrant has written numerous books which include KOPTOE, Transcending Boundaries: The Comrades Marathon; HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking; LET'S DO HUNCH: A Companion Book to HAVE YOU EVER  HAD A HUNCH?; THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE; I TOUCHED A STAR IN MY DREAM LAST NIGHT; PRETZEL ON PROZAC, The Story of an Immigrant Dog; IF YOU CAN MAKE IT, MR. HARRIS … SO CAN I; IF YOU CAN MAKE IT, MR. HARRIS…SO CAN I: Teacher's Guide and Workbook; NOSEDIVE; JOHANNESBURG ONE HUNDRED; REMEMBERING DOLORES. Her art has been exhibited in a number of galleries.