On 10th November 2009 EPI International Ltd was proud to be highly commended at the 6th Annual Information and Communication Technology awards for its world-class MyEpiCentre on-demand software platform used by EPI Associate Consultants and their clients.

You can benefit from our innovation and use our business improvement software to help your clients reduce waste, reduce costs and increase value – continuously.  We train you to deliver MyEpiCentre training and workshops as well as use the software to complete projects.  Add to this that you receive an annuity stream from clients who subscribe to MyEpiCentre and you can see this is a good opportunity.

Profile of the Ideal EPI Associate Consultant
This is a serious role for white collar professionals looking to make a six figures plus income.  That said, if an individual wanted to take on say one client a year and earn £50k - £100k working very much part-time that would be fine too.  It’s important to have good analytical skills and ideally a good understanding of business in the broadest sense (i.e. the importance of keeping the gap between revenue and expenditure as large as possible to allow businesses /organisations to profit). Age is not an issue and you need to be an achiever with lots of enthusiasm. The great news is it really doesn’t matter what industry or background you are from.  We can train you.

EPI Associate Consultants Receive

•     Full training  and on-going support
•     OJEU tendering process training for public sector tendering
•     12 months initial subscription to our software
•     Full set of comprehensive offline manuals
•     Support Materials including Consultant Online Resources
•     Hotline support and annual conference
•     Access to proven process and methodologies
•     Flexibility and financial freedom, you are the boss!

The EPI Business Consultancy Opportunity has significant benefits:
1.     We do not control your geographical territory, you can enjoy a niche vertical market rather than horizontal
2.     We do not demand a share of your earnings
3.     We do not lock you in to a 3, 5 or 10 year agreement
You simply
1.     Pay an up-front fee for your training, an asset you then have for life.
2.     Pay an up-front fee for your EPI Consultancy License.
3.     Pay an ongoing monthly fee for software RTU Subscription and EPI Membership fee.
4.     ENJOY  35% commission from any licenses to MyEpiCentre that your clients sign up for (currently worth £2,000 each p.a. to you)


Epi’s On-demand Cost Management Community Portal, MyEpiCentre, enables consultants to deliver a range of high value business improvement services to clients across all industries and sectors.   In addition the monthly subscription fees from clients are shared with the EPI Associate, allowing them to build an annuity style income and a business with a realisable value.  This is unique among B2B Cost Management Business Opportunities.

The EPI methodology also allows our consultants to build sustainable client relationships that last throughout the life of our consultant's business.  For today’s management professional looking to take control of their work/life balance, earn substantial income and build a business that will have a real value in the future, there is no other Cost Management opportunity like EPI International.
EPI Associate Testimonials on request.