The ERIC Paris style is elegant, sexy and natural.  ERIC Paris is the leader in the hair industry.  ERIC Paris Salons melds the signature French style with the Chinese sense of beauty bringing out everyone's personal style

Eric is a native of Provence, has more than 25 years work experience and comes from three generations of hair stylists.  He has trained and worked in the classical Hair Institutes of Paris, London and New York.  Eric won the prestigious World Title for women's hair.  He was and is an integral part of the transformation of the hair business in China.
Founded in 1997, ERIC Paris Salons serve luxury seeking consumer and founded in 2004, Salon88 Salons serves consumer seeking value for money.

ERIC Paris is run jointly by Eric and Katy Sinnott, Company CEO.  Ms. Sinnott has been working in Asia since 1992.  She worked for HSBC running their global management accounting system and prior to joining ERIC Paris full time she was a consultant with McKinsey & Co for four years. She and Eric are married.