Gary W. Patterson, The FiscalDoctor®, has helped over 200 companies in manufacturing, technology, service, construction and distribution in companies from start-ups to Inc 500 to Fortune 500. Several reached 10x compounded annual revenue growth. He was the European coordinator for a global supply chain re-engineering software application for Robertson CECO, a Fortune 500 company (also selected  a premiere site by J D Edwards). Gary also successfully negotiated over 25 M&A transactions with a market value exceeding $390 million. Gary holds a MBA in Finance and Operations from Stanford, a BBA in Accounting from the University of Mississippi, and is a Big 4 CPA, and NSA speaker.

Patterson is the author of Stick Out Your Balance Sheet and Cough: Best Practices for Long-Term Business Health  http://tinyurl.com/stickoutbalance, and speaks on enterprise risk management, risk analysis, leadership, and strategic budgeting. Keynote, book and FiscalClinic videos are available at http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=ermadvocate&aq=f

Patterson has been interviewed or presented internationally to publications and groups including Entrepreneur, Glass Hammer (UK), Directors & Boards, Risk Management Magazine and Top Producer.  He offers to tailor this speech with discussions with 5 members before speaking.

Patterson offers a common sense, value-added approach to risk management that helps executives not only unearth key risk areas, but in the process, identify formerly invisible opportunities leading to growth and profitability.  Attendees of this interactive session will walk away with:
• a laser like focus on the strategic areas they need to address to reduce or minimize risks
• a roadmap that will help them develop new revenue streams
• a practical, actionable process that they can implement the day after this presentation.

Sticking out your balance sheet is no more comfortable than a visit to your doctor, but it’s every bit as important. Even if it’s bad news (maybe especially) you need to know. Business information is the hidden pathway you travel toward your goals. Would you like a spotlight? A video of Gary discussing his book is available at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXhsY8hP70A

Gary W. Patterson has learned one thing from analyzing and helping over 200 companies: “What You Don’t Know About Your Business Can Cost You Your Business.”  Sticking out your balance sheet and coughing gets you what you need to know in time for needed procedures which can mean the difference between life and death, in your product, business, department, life or job.

If you don’t think some level of Bernie Madoff misplaced trust exists in your business, you are either kidding yourself, or you are one of the select few employers or employees. Too many people are taking far greater risks than they may be aware of inside their projects, even companies.

Risks are what go wrong when you are not looking: stupid things like bounced checks, losing your best customers or best people when you are blindsided. I help you create peripheral vision in your business so you are not blindsided. You need a perspective of business under the microscope and to have lived to tell the tale. (Audiences can expect a color commentary of insights which give a common sense approach to what people make complex, as companies grow, to solve problems easier than you think.)