We are focused on "saving lives through education & collaboration". We created the largest global damage prevention and excavation safety conference in the world.

Our initiatives include:

1. The Excavation Safety Conference (started in 2004)
2. The annual Excavation Safety Guide (started in 2006)
3. The Excavation Safety Magazine (started in 2010)
4. The 811 Run (Started in 2013)
5. The 811 Mudders (Started in 2014)
6. Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance (started 2015)
7. Locator Safety & Appreciation Week (started in 2015)
8. Damage Prevention Hero (started in 2012)
9. Global GPR Congress (started in 2021)
10. Global Locate Masters (Started in 2022)

ESA works closely with other companies and associations to accomplish their mission to “save lives through education and collaboration”.