Zodiac Arresting Systems is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of military and commercial aircraft arresting systems.

EMASMAX® is the latest, most durable version of Zodiac Arresting Systems’ field-proven EMAS, developed with and approved by the FAA. EMASMAX arrestor beds are composed of blocks of lightweight, crushable cellular cement material designed to safely stop airplanes that overshoot runways.

The EMAS predictably and reliably crushes under the weight of an aircraft, providing deceleration and a safe stop. It is FAA-accepted as an equivalent to a standard Runway End Safety Area and is an acceptable alternative for preventing overrun catastrophes at airports where runway end safety areas (RESA) do not exist or are impractical due to environmental or other issues.

There have been eleven overruns into these arrestor beds at US airports by aircraft ranging from a Cessna Citation to a Boeing 747. The lives of 293 passengers and crew members have been saved, with no injuries of consequence, very little to no aircraft damage, and minimal service interruption.

EMAS installations worldwide have grown to over 110 systems at over 60 airports, including two each at Sichuan Province, China (2006), Barajas-Madrid, Spain (2007), Kristiansand, Norway (2012) and one at Taipei City, Taiwan (2011).

Zodiac Arresting Systems’ products for military aircraft are built around friction and rotary hydraulic energy absorbers as part of permanent, semi-permanent and mobile installations. The aircraft's energy is harnessed via cross-runway net stanchion or hook cable equipment configurations, and then transferred to the energy absorbers, safely slowing and stopping the aircraft.

Our energy control expertise extends into areas that include perimeter security/containment, vehicle arrestment systems and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) launch/recovery systems. Zodiac Arresting Systems sets the standard for providing quality and reliable products and services, offering a full range of services including design, production, installation and technical support.