ESdat Environmental Data Management Software

ESdat is a specialist environmental data management system, for use by environmental consultants and site managers; particularly those concerned with contaminated / industrial sites, groundwater investigations, landfill and regulatory compliance.

ESdat allows for efficient importing from a range of systems or data sources into a central environmental database; provides data comparison and analysis, comprehensive reporting, and integration with other software. The system also performs QA analysis and has automatic data validation checks.

ESdat is designed to meet all your geological and environmental data management, analysis and reporting needs. In particular:

Contaminated / industrial site investigations typically generate large volumes of soil, water, gas and QA data, which require: Table production with comparison against environmental standards; QA analysis, and; presentation as maps & graphs. ESdat can automate these tasks.

Groundwater Resources assessment often integrates geological, piezometric, chemical, surface water and rainfall data. ESdat is a complete groundwater database meaning users can integrate and analyse these data sets by aquifer, spatially, temporily or by other attribute.

Landfill monitoring often results in significant time-series datasets. ESdat can store all your monitoring data; produce report-ready tables, graphs and maps; and provide trend analysis.

Site managers who need to track ongoing monitoring or investigations can collect large isolated datasets. Electronic copies of the data may be in non-consistent formats, meaning that data re-use and integration is difficult and expensive. ESdat provides a systematic approach to storing, managing, analysing and reporting your data. ESdat also has optional Flora/Fauna and Operational extensions that can extend the system to include all of your site's environmental data.