Equipment Tracking Ltd.

Equipment Tracking Limited have two main service offers;  the provision of software to assist with the management of equipment pools and a full equipment management service where clients pools can be managed either remotely from our offices or by us supplying staff located on their sites.

Our managed customers hold pools of equipment totalling over 500,000 Chep pallets plus other equipment totalling another 200,000 units and we manage over 5 million movements annually.  Our business controls and provides the management expertise that ensures that equipment is not lost during the distribution cycle. This is a growing area as more customers out-source their equipment management as it becomes more difficult to track the different types of pallets required by retailers and as companies start to dual source pallets from a variety of pallet suppliers.

Our managed service is used by Heinz Ambient, Nestle Purina, Unilever Ambient, and a number of packaging and logistics businesses including SAICA, Mondi and Wincanton.

We also provide in-house developed software for companies that wish to continue controlling their pools using their own staff and depending on whether they are a equipment pool supplier or user of an equipment pool.  Clients using our software include United Biscuits, parts of ICI, and several sites operated by DHL Excel Supply Chain.

MPC+ is written for users who normally hire their equipment pools and has extensive support written to assist with control of the Chep pallet pool and also automatically generates declaration files to both LPR and IPP.  It can also read in data that has been fed in using our MPC web portal or excel files.  It provides businesses with a “One Stop Shop” to control all of their pallet types and balances on a single software package.  

The MPC+ system can accept file data for any other system, including SAP, to remove the need for manual data entry.

MPC+ modules are available for manufacturers, logistics service providers and retailers - each module ensuring that users get the best management information and controls reflecting their role in the supply chain.

ERICA has been developed for companies who provide their equipment to clients for use  in their pools.  It can support RFID and unique item tracking and will invoice its customers for the use of the equipment.   Again it can accept data from a variety of sources and is in use with DES (a division of DHL) and BASCO who control the largest in-house pool of trays in the UK.

ERICA can also accept data files from any system to remove manual keying and to speed up movement tracking to ensure that the data is as near "live" as possible.