Book : Electric Vehicle EV: The Second Coming published 01/03/11
About the author:
Dr. Y Ev... is an EV enthusiast actively promoting the " go green" trend and contributing countless time and efforts to promote a more widespread electric vehicles adoption as an answer to the global crisis caused primarily by the oil and Auto industry. A Physician by trade, he has invested in alternative energy, and related domains over the last ten years.
As I said at the beginning of the book, I want the reader to know that I did not publish for literary achievement and again I do not claim to be a scientist or skilled engineer. A physician by trade and an EVangelist by heart I attempted to convey to my readers my love for the environment and nature in general as the primary motivation to produce this work. Once again it is the results of almost ten years of re-view, compilation of data, information and knowledge accumulated from my readings and researches, audio-visual materials, internet blogs and forums participation. I have also adapted some of the many articles and contents published online through different sites I developed for acquisition.

Hopefully I met my objective of sharing some basic information and learning about the Electric Vehicle-EV and alternative energy sources with you. By now you should not be wondering whether or not you should go Green by going electric, as I hope you have found in these pages some persuasive information and are a step closer to joining the EV-Revolution. I have strived to provide some un-derstanding and maybe an appreciation of electric vehicles as a way to promote their widespread adoption so the world becomes less polluted, global warming reduced and addiction to oil lessened. It is good for the environment, your health, and more importantly it saves you a lot of money.

Convert to EV, let's go green...let's go electric!

Dr. Y. Ev... Jan 1st, 2011