European Wax Center began as a department within a second generation family owned salon located in Aventura, FL. The founders spent over 10 years refining every aspect of the company before evolving into a stand-alone wax only facility.

European Wax Center specializes in full service body waxing for men and women in a high-end environment at an extremely competitive price point. European Wax Center introduces a whole new dimension of body waxing: designed for sensitive skin, for better results, significantly less pain and a much quicker application time. European Wax Center sets itself apart by using a proprietary, European-imported wax and a unique 4-step process to cleanse, protect, wax, and hydrate the skin

Today, European Wax Center is recognized by its guests as a premier provider, industry leader, and national brand franchise with a focus built around providing guests The Ultimate Wax Experience!