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Lorae is a Personal Transformation Coach who works with groups and individuals to help them overcome obstacles to happiness, health, abundance and love. Compassionate and intuitively gifted, Lorae employs and teaches various modalities to empower her clients for success and healing. She teaches classes and workshops in Western Canada and serves clients from around the world through modern technology.

Specialties: EFT/Meridian Tapping Therapy, Vedic Astrology, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Energy Psychology, Holodynamics, Yoga, Meditation, Visioning, Mantras, Sacred sounds and Power Numbers, Affirmative Prayer, Spiritual Psychology.

Vedic Astrology (called Jyotish, or Light) is the ancient original astrology from the East. It is more accurate than western astrology, and has remedies for all your problems! An astrology reading is a sacred occasion to learn about the divine energies that are the planets, and how to work with them for the best outcome in your life. Career, health, wealth, relationship issues can all be addressed.

EFT/Meridian Tapping is a cutting edge energy therapy that adds the benefit of intention and words to stimulation of the body’s energy system. It is simple, gentle and the results are profound and usually permanent. With the right guidance you can get to your core issues and eliminate them VERY quickly. EFT is useful for almost any human problem, be it physical or emotional, including pain, phobias, speeding up healing, procrastination.....