EZ-Efficiency is owned and operated in Sierra Vista, AZ.  We are a family owned business that is dedicated to helping our customers reduce their net facility energy costs.  We have combine experience of over 50 years in automated facility management, environmental systems HVAC, and complex computer systems. We leveraged this experience to develop the BiO-Therm system and leverage the capabilities of the Aircosaver.
The BiO-Therm is a unique device designed specifically to reduce the gas consumption of commercial laundry dryers.  The savings are significant and typically lead to a year or less return on investment.
The BiO-Therm has been tested in several Laundromats, and hotels, including the Holiday Inn Express, where it reduced natural gas consumption by 42.5%.  
The BiO-Therm is essentially a retrofit for non-modulating commercial gas dryers to add regulated gas stepping technology based on sensor readings and EZ-Efficiency’s proprietary algorithm.  The Bio-Therm is a quick add-on that does not make modifications to the dryer, does not by pass any manufacturer safety devices, and all parts are UL certified. Reduce natural gas or propane consumption in your laundry facility, and make your standard dryers high-efficiency dryers.
Typical savings in a Laundromat environment is 25-30%.