EZ-Log is a small software developer specializing in products for the Trucking Industry. EZ-Log, our premier title began development as a personal project to use as a tool in preparing paper logbooks.

Our primary goals were ease of use, speed and mathematical accuracy. Secondary goals were small file size and platform independence. EZ-Log was developed entirely on Mac OS. However, EZ-Log works equally well for Windows users.

We called on the Mac philosophy of a clean, consistent and easy to use interface to shorten learning curves and make EZ-Log really fast to use. The main interface is visual and totally eliminates keyboard entry. Keyboard entry is minimized in other areas to reduce errors.

Comprehensive help and training that is not dependent on Internet access is vital to end users, professional truck drivers. We used a combination of techniques for help and training. Some people are visual, others do better with text and some learn by doing.