Introducing the EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair® – a wall mounted self retracting folding chair designed to provide seating  wherever there is a wall and a floor!

The EZ-Rest Chair® is designed to make seating  easier for everyone - anywhere! This unique chair allows a person a quick place to sit, rest, and then SELF-retracts and folds back to the wall every time!

What is EZ-Rest®?

EZ-Rest® is a self retracting folding chair designed to provide safe, secure seating for people in need of a quick rest.

Where can EZ-Rest® Go?

EZ-Rest® chair can be wall mounted anywhere there is a floor and a wall!
EZ-Rest® works on boats, in hospitals, nursing centers, businesses, stadiums, concert halls, airports, schools, post offices, dressing rooms and other spaces where folks may need a “Rest Station”, including areas of refuge in stairwell landing,  based AHJ safety approval.

How does EZ-Rest® work?

EZ-Rest® is designed to fit under standard handrails, extending 3 1/4 inches from the wall.  When retracted, the top of the frame stands at 30 inches and opened the EZ-Rest® seat is 18 inches off the floor.
EZ-Rest®supports up to 500 lbs. weight.

How is EZ-Rest® made?

EZ-Rest® is constructed under strict quality control measures.
EZ-Rest® is made from steel with stainless steel and aluminum components and fully non-combustible.
EZ-Rest® design includes adjustable mounting brackets for all commercial and residential construction including concrete or studded walls.
EZ-Rest® is proudly manufactured in the United States of America.
EZ-Rest® is Patent Pending.

The EZ-Rest Chair® mounts in strategic places to provide that comfortable and safe resting space. EZ-Rest Chair® meets ADA compliance guidelines, as well as fire safety standards.

EZ-Rest has also created a Step Stool which  fits in commercial and industrial settings to enable safe access to over head cabinets for both tall and shorter staff members. EZ-Rest Chair® will soon become an integral part of our daily lives.