The Eagle Group consists of four separately run companies: Eagle Alloy, Inc., Eagle Precision Cast Parts, Inc., Eagle Aluminum Cast Products, Inc. and Eagle CNC Technologies, Inc. Each was founded on the principal of superior customer service. The owners (Mark Fazakerley, John Workman and Bill Seyferth of Eagle CNC) continue to stress that importance, which has translated into profitable sales growth almost every year of being in business.

Eagle Alloy is a shell-mold foundry pouring many grades of carbon and stainless steels.  3-D solidification simulation software, in-house x-ray, advanced quality and delivery programs and a complete machining facility are only part of what makes us unique in the steel casting industry. A “customer first” attitude is evident in everything we do.

Eagle Precision Cast Parts, Inc. produces ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings. Our castings are manufactured to +/-.005 per inch through a process that has the capabilities of producing extremely thin sections, knife edges, and sharp detail. Eagle Precision produces a wide range of sizes and configurations of investment castings ranging from a fraction of an ounce up to 90 pounds net weight.

Eagle Aluminum Cast Products specializes in permanent mold , semi-permanent mold and green sand casting. Using the traditional method of hand ladles and gravity to feed aluminum into molds, we provide quality castings with excellent lead times.

Eagle CNC Technologies is a state of the art machine house that specializes in the CNC machining of both ferrous and non ferrous, castings, forgings, bar stock and burn outs.  ECT’s utilization of the latest manufacturing technology, short lead times, high standard of quality and family of foundries are only part of what sets us apart from the rest.