Is your hearing instrument breaking down due to sweat, moisture, or dirt? Are you having problems with wind noise? Is hearing aid loss a concern? Have you tried many different hearing aid accessories, and none have really worked?

Well, look no further! The answer to your problems is Ear Gear, hearing instrument armor, the best, most inexpensive insurance you can buy for protection against breakdowns and hearing aid loss!

A water-resistant double wall spandex nylon sleeve that protects hearing instruments from dirt, sweat, moisture, and loss, Ear Gear radically improves your hearing instrument wearing experience.

The soft spandex material makes hearing instruments more comfortable to wear, protects the ears from chafing, minimizes the effect of wind noise, and prevents damage from clogged microphones and corroded batteries. Of all the hearing aid accessories in the loss and damage prevention category, only Ear Gear can provide all these benefits!

Whether you wear hearing aids (BTE and ITE), a Cochlear Implant or even a Baha Processor, Ear Gear has a model for you. Available in 8 stylish colors, (Royal Blue, Black, Chocolate Brown, Beige, Camouflage, Lipstick Pink, Orange/Red and Grey), Ear Gear adds pizzazz to your hearing instruments as an ideal fashion accessory.

Not only can Ear Gear be washed and reused over and over but it is also acoustically transparent with no effect on the sound coming into the hearing instrument.

Ear Gear comes with a 1 year “unconditional customer satisfaction guarantee”.

Try Ear Gear at no risk! If it does not work for you for any reason, just send it back to us and we will refund ALL of your purchase price including shipping.

Yes, there are many hearing aid accessories but Ear Gear is unique!  Try it and find out for yourself!

Infants, toddlers, and school-age children:  gives worried parents peace of mind from hearing aid loss and breakdowns due to sweat, dirt and dropping the hearing instruments on the playground or gym floor.

Adults: used for dirty, dusty, or wet work environments such as working in the garden, mowing the lawn, or during any sort of sporting or outdoor activity; running, biking, hiking, fishing or canoeing.  Ear Gear significantly reduces wind noise as well.

Seniors: gives them peace of mind as they always can locate their hearing instruments.  Ear Gear is a must for any resident of a nursing home who fears hearing aid loss.

Ear Gear is perfect for anyone who has an active lifestyle who wants protection against sweat, dirt, moisture, wind noise and hearing aid loss.