Earnhardt Toyota is one of the largest and most respected Toyota dealerships in the country.  They are the winners of Toyota’s most prestigious award, the President’s Award, three years in a row.  Earnhardt Toyota also adheres to Toyota’s philosophy of “kaizen” which mean continuous improvement.  The Signature Award is Toyota’s continuous improvement process and from our first year of eligibility in 2008 we have been Signature certified. In 2010, we were the only Toyota store in the valley awarded Top Performer in the Signature process for outstanding customer service.

Our Service, Parts and Customer Relations departments have been awarded the Toyota Excellence Award for outstanding performance and customer service.  We have been awarded the Pinnacle of Excellence Award twice which not many Toyota dealerships across the country can claim.

In 2010 we were the number one Toyota store in the Valley of the Sun in Customer Satisfaction.  We excelled all other stores in Sales Satisfaction, Sales Person Index, Sales Delivery and Vehicle Delivery Quality.  We were number two out of nine stores in the Valley in our Finance satisfaction.

Earnhardt Toyota is committed to Toyota’s mission statement – continuous improvement and respect for people.  Our goal is to serve our customers in a manner they desire and provide the best customer service possible.  Our promise is to do this every day, every time, with every customer.

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