My business is about Earth issues including Human & Animal & Environmental Rights.  Resume:
#1. Countercurrents.org Publications e.g. Native American Indians, Nuclear Weapons, Gandhi & animal rights topics.
*Apology To The Native American Indians By Dr. Mary Hamer, M.D www.countercurrents.org/hamer081209.htm
*The New Gandhi By Mary Hamer.  www.countercurrents.org/hamer220410.htm
*Apology To The Earth For Nuclear Bombs And War. www.countercurrents.org/hamer040110.htm
#2. Music CD includes songs advocating for *Middle East peace (Gaza), Gandhi & the Wild Mustangs.  
#3. 2012 civil rights advocacy work: Petitioning for the release of Iranian American Amir Hekmati in Iran.