Easily.co.uk are today one of the UK’s largest domain name and web hosting companies and part of London-listed GroupNBT plc. They were actually formed on the 20th September 1999 as Easywebnames.com.  The company behind them, WebConsultancy had been providing web design for two years previously and were managed by Steve Procter.  Together with a group of Linux developers, the idea of a low cost domain name company grew during 1999.  With domain names costing up to £100 at the time, WebConsultancy developed a business model to offer .co.uk domains for under £10 – a move that had not been seen in the UK domain name market before.

Today, Easily still offers domain names below £10 and are seen as the “pioneers” of this low cost model. Beyond domain names, Easily also offers web hosting and web services to help anyone start their online web-presence; our Easily Website Creator, a low cost website solution for the non-technical, make creating a website fun and easy; the EasilyShop, provides a simple, yet professional, interface for any business to launch E-Commerce.