San Tan Valley, AZ – EastValleyTV is a free, ad-supported streaming service featuring a mix of live local news, TV shows, movies, sports and lifestyle programming.

The EastValleyTV app will be available on Roku TV, Fire TV, Apple TV as well as iOS and Android devices or at www.EastValley.tv

Based in San Tan Valley, AZ, EastValleyTV is a first of its kind OTT service created, owned and operated by creative partnerships by those who live in the community it serves under the East Valley Compass, Inc
EastValley.TV has already created one of seven production teams to serve the cities of Apache Junction, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley and Tempe Arizona.  The teams will cover the news, local business reviews, entertainment,sports and Real Estate listings to name a few topics.

Currently, EastValley.TV is producing the pilot of a food show called “The Taste, Place, and Face of East Valley Foods.” and preparing a planned crowdfunding campaign. Other proposed shows are an indie music program,comedy, and a Pet Video show. The company plans to work with local producers to provide more content as well.

EastValley.TV revenue model will begin as an ad-supported and may add subscription services later. 62% of consumers who have a preference would rather watch local ads over national ads  ZypMedia is the ad company selected to deliver the advertisements since they focus on local smaller media markets.
http://www.zypmedia.com/ 1160 Battery St suite 235, San Francisco, CA 94111

With the choices expanding on the national level, EastValley.TV plans to take Pluto.TV’s format and apply it on a local level. Offering local businesses, talent, and viewers a chance to connect in ways unavailable with Big Media will help this stream stand out from the other waves crashing into the digital shores today.

To learn more contact @ www.eastvalley.tv