EasyAsk Product Overview

Better Search for E-Commerce Websites and Business Data—As Easy As Asking a Question

Through our groundbreaking natural language search software, EasyAsk® products radically change the speed and ease with which people find information. Customers, partners and employees ask a question using plain English and EasyAsk delivers the right information on demand. EasyAsk accelerates e-commerce purchases, leading to increased revenue, and facilitates faster, smarter business decisions.

EasyAsk eCommerce Edition

EasyAsk eCommerce Edition is innovative, easy-to-use, website search, navigation, and merchandising software that uses innovative natural language search technology to help companies boost online commerce revenue and strengthen relationships with customers. According to Nielsen NetRatings, sites that use EasyAsk eCommerce Edition have the highest conversion rates in the industry, resulting in an increase in sales and higher revenue per customer. With EasyAsk eCommerce Edition, online customers can find the exact products and services they are looking for up to 10 times faster. EasyAsk eCommerce Edition gives merchandisers the direct control they need to showcase their products, and turns browsers into buyers. Learn why leading e-commerce companies such as Coldwater Creek, Lands End, Smart Bargains and Travers are using EasyAsk eCommerce Edition.

EasyAsk Business Edition

EasyAsk Business Edition puts information and insight from corporate data such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and more into the hands of executives and everyday business users to perform their jobs faster and more efficiently. Its intuitive natural language interface lets users find information on their own by asking questions in plain English and quickly returns results to make informed business decisions without any training. EasyAsk Business Edition readily integrates with enterprise data sources, business applications, and existing reports, providing immediate value to users and unburdening your IT department by eliminating the backlog of ongoing requests for data analysis support. Learn why leading organizations such as BASF, Cardif, Hartford Hospital and GlaxoSmithKline] are using EasyAsk Business Edition and why leading ISVs such as Aprise, Ceridian, Gensource, and VCG it a core component of their business solutions.