Have you ever wondered if there's an easier way to count your Inventory as your current method just takes too long? or you just have too many tools to try and keep track of your counting?

EasyCount has the solution for you! With a very experienced background in stock taking we can relate to knowing how long a full stock count takes, so we've come up with a one tool application to manage and count your inventory so much faster, best of all, it's all electronic, say goodbye to pens, papers, documents and double entry!

EasyCount allows you to have full control over your business while saving you valuable time and money when counting your inventory.

Alongside the mobile version of EasyCount, you will have access to a Web Platform where you will get more customization and features to further help manage your counting.


* Quickly, count, add and remove with our user-friendly interface and keypad design.
* Manage and implement your own products by creating them with ease.
* Set a department for your products, such as Dairy, Bread, Beverage etc.
* Create and split your products into locations set by you, so you can efficiently see where the products are, such as Dry Foods, Fridge, Main Bar etc.
* Run reports to check stock by detail, such as the location and departments to easily manage and reduce time in navigating through lists.
* Fully customize all products added, such as editing the names, departments, pricing and positions.
* Check current and previous stock taking audits, seeing what users counted what products and when the products were added.
* The ability to download the reports to your device for future reference.

To see more information, please navigate to https://easycount.io/ for topics relating to features, services, logons and pricing.