We're living in unprecedented times. Economic and security concerns have brought about many changes in the landscape. "There have been few times more critical than today"  At EasyTracGPS, understanding the importance of innovation is at the forefront of our philosophy.  By providing our tracking technologies, we bring information and security to the government, commercial fleets, law enforcement, and the public.  Our solutions enable you to take a proactive approach to asset management, covert vehicle surveillance, and personal tracking & protection.  Our clients realize reduced costs, increased productivity, security & accountability through the streamlining of their tracking, dispatch, and mobile communications.  At EasyTracGPS....looking forward to the promise of the future is part of our vision.

EasyTracGPS' team has more than 50 years of combined experience in electronics and fleet/trucking industries, and we use that experience to deploy tracking & mobile communications applications that create the "Greatest Value" for our clients.  

EasyTracGPS is focused on one goal - integrated, intelligent location based services that promote reduced costs, improved efficiency & security, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Our services use a common telematics technology platform, developed in-house to offer tailored solutions to our clients.

EasyTracGPS offers GPS tracking, mobile communications and navigation under the ComTrac™ brand across the US, serving both covert clients and commercial fleets of all shapes and sizes.  ComTrac™ generates important savings in fuel use, vehicle emissions and fleet costs, by allowing precise control and real-time understanding of vehicles on the road.  

Deployed in fleets and investigative applications worldwide, the ComTrac™ GPS Tracking Engine is a completely customizable solution with the flexibility to serve every tracking need.  The ComTrac™ is the latest innovation in tracking technology and continues to impress the commercial fleet, law enforcement, government, and investigative markets.  

At EasyTracGPS we are extremely selective as to which tracking devices would be best for our clients.  It is imperative to us that our clients receive only the very best equipment for the very best prices, hardware at costs that fall in the sweet spot.  Each of our tracking devices undergo long periods of rigorous testing in the harshest of tracking environments.  All of these pieces run the ComTrac™ engine, and through EasyTracGPS, offer the most powerful, robust, and completely customizable solutions on the market today!!!