EbClosion holds the honor of being included in an exclusive group of Guatemalan companies with an exponential growth superior to 400% every year. Our infrastructure, clients, and strategic partners have global representation: from Taiwan, Russia, including Brazil, Colombia and the U.S.
Electronic invoices, digital certifications, mobile content, interactive marketing tools for concerts, social networking, radio and tv promotions, media monitoring, mobilemarketing, money transfers and mobile banking. These are just a few of the products and services that enable EbClosion to be a vanguard and innovative enterprise.

Business Areas:

EBFUSION - Movimarketing
Our unique solutions have created break-through marketing results, we integrate mobiles as a communication and entertainment channel between brands and costumers. This channel allows direct, spontaneous and interactive communications. Brands deliver their costumers valuable services creating intimate, personal experiences. We help marketing experts, advertisers, and global brands build successful and engaging relationships with their clients.

We produce and deliver a complete range of mobile entertainment media, ranging from simple SMS based services to the latest 3G offerings. Through our partnerships with music labels, media, and sport franchises we hold a top spot in the mobile media business in the region.

Our business unit dedicated to serving the media from press to digital TV. Our services include:

- NeoRadio: Exclusive software for radio interactivity through mobiles
- NeoTV : We support broadcasters and cable operators through our range of products: itv games, chatting and dating, itv polling, itv feedback, mobile content
- NeoPress: Our services for print media including polling, promotions, and mobile content.

The reliability of our platform and business offerings has earned us the trust of many prestigious financial institutions through our flagship mobile banking product,

Movibanca: Our mobile banking service which enables a financial institution to place all its services on the mobile phone. They enable the customers to perform balance queries, third part payments, and automatic debit recharge of air time.

We have partnered with an enormous amount of information outlets to enable the mobile as a primary source of information, ranging from directory assistance to movies and traffic reports. All this information is localized to each country and city in which we offer our services.

Through our reach to millions of mobile customers in our region and because we are a one stop shop for operator connectivity we have become the primary outlet for advertising agencies to reach customers with this new media.
Periodically we hold sweepstakes and giveaways that are sponsored by top brand names.
We are the leaders in non intrusive mobile marketing in the region.

Our exclusive set of tools for community management has enabled us to service the top sports franchises and communities in the region. We are the mobile community managers for local sports teams, churches with tens of thousands of members, and many more groups of like minded individuals who want to keep in touch with their peers. Through news alerts, mobile chat, and promotions we are able to capture and manage profitable communities.

Our in house development team can produce mobile corporate applications for sales force automation, mobile work force management, mobile data entry, bulk messaging, and IT and medical alerts.

Our industrial services business unit caters to the commercial and residential security, fleet management and industrial M2M markets. From product conception through prototype engineering and special data service agreements with operators we can provide an end to end solution to using wireless data in many machine-to-machine settings.

Due to increased demand from government sectors to utilize data services across a broad range of institutions, we have created a special business unit to deliver those services to government agencies and institutions in the region. From public works applications to special tax alerts we offer government turnkey solutions to use the power of mobile.

We use technology to create interaction with telephone callers. We provide solutions that range from pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to modern solutions that enable input and responses to be gathered via spoken words with voice recognition.