Eclipse Travel Mexico & Community Maya

Located in Cancun, Puerto Morelos  Cozumel & Riviera Maya, (Playa Del Carmen) we have been operating in the Hotel, Holiday & Tourism Industry for a combined 23 years. Our aim through this site is to provide upto the date information on Local Destinations within Mexico, and to assist Holidaymakers, Independent Travellers and Vacationers with professional local knowledge specifically required for their needs.

We would like to pass on help, tips and  advise to people, plus enable them to get an excellent experience from their holiday, and to ensure anybody with concerns or fears can be assured their time in Mexico will be pleasant and memorable!

Our professional service provides a detailed fact sheet based on the specific needs of the individual. Our aim is to go beyond the basic information passed onto clients from Local Travel Agencies & Representatives, plus to provide a more personalised service to better assist newcomers to Mexico. For example a lot of regular questions can be answered in advance of arrival to your destination, eg taxi fares, bus routes & fare prices, recommended restaurants, bars and clubs, exchanging money, tours & excursions, local shopping, markets & bartering, safety concerns etc.  

This will free up precious time to enable you to start enjoying your holiday from the minute of your arrival.  This is just a small list of informational requirements that the average traveller requests.

Community Maya would like to thank you for taking the time to read all about us, and if you require a more in-depth information guide please follow our Services link for more details!

Community Maya is a company  aimed at helping Mayan Culture, and help provide assistance for many Mayan Communities located especially within the Yucatan Peninsula, Campeche, Quintana Roo, including the Riviera Maya, and as far as Chiapas.

It provides an insight  into how Maya & Mayan communities are adapting to the changes surrounding their heritage and lifestyle, and give a better understanding of the importance of sustaining family spirit to this wonderful nation of people.

With Sustainable Tourism we aim to educate the many visitors to Mexico and Central America of the importance of maintaining the Mayan Heritage throughout all the regions. Plus, help to assist in the Development & Redevelopment of Communities lost through lack of resources, or destroyed from natural disasters.

Many communities are frequently damaged or destroyed from local floods, landslides, tropical storms, hurricanes, and loss of life sometimes goes unnoticed, especially in more rural areas. Plus, crops and natural resource are hugely effected, and have a huge impact on the local economy of the Maya.

With the help of all our visitors to this website, we are having a huge impact on providing a better standard of living to Mayan Communities without changing any of the cultural aspects associated with Maya and village life.

Your donations are helping to provide materials and provisions to communities effected by disasters, and aid communities cut off completely from their neighbours. However, this is only a small percentage of the help we can offer!  

You can visit one of the many Heritage Sites within Mexico & Central America, and enjoy the knowledge that you helped to sustain the History & Culture of the Mayas.

Sustainable tourism programs like Coba Mayan Village are helping to keep the local economy thriving in areas around the Riviera Maya, and also providing valuable insight into Mayan culture!