ONEdersave Products LLC is the sole distributor of EcoBio-Block products for aquariums and ponds in the United States and Canada. EcoBio-Block products are made of volcanic rock and contain beneficial bacteria which are activated upon immersion in water. Using the same process as in nature, the beneficial bacteria break down organic waste into ammonia, and then into nitrites and finally into nitrates. The block appear to encourage the microbes which further breakdown the nitrates into nitrogen gas which dissipates into the air, clearing cloudy water, creating a healthy environment for aquatic life and reducing maintenance needs. The new EcoBio-Stones come in two sizes depending on the size of the tank, S and M and also the convenient M-2 Pack.
EcoBio-Block products are great for the newbie aquarist as they speed up the nitrogen cycle in new tanks and make the aquarium hobby easy and fun.  They are also great for busy people who love their beautiful fish but don't have the time for maintenance. EcoBio-Blocks make water clear and clean with a minimum of work. Once placed in water, the product works for about 2 years. Time frame to see results varies according to the amount and size of fish, the temperature of the water and the original conditions of the water. When the beneficial bacteria have reached sufficient amounts the change from cloudy to clear water is sudden. Ammonia and nitrite levels go to zero and nitrate levels are reduced.
EcoBio-Block products are safe for fish, plants, turtles, frogs, and reptiles, as well as boosting plant life.