EcoChi is a interior design company that a unique design approach that combines green and sustainable practices, wellness studies and spiritual design philosophies attained from various ancient cultures. The EcoChi interior design system has been globally recognized as a ground-breaking wellness design standard.

EcoChi tells your wellness story through design concepts for commercial spaces that are based on both ancient and modern wisdom, as well as scientific and evidence-based studies. With the perfect combination of our design process and your project goals and vision, we work towards a final design concept presentation that includes renderings, preliminary drawings and layouts, and material overview. EcoChi focuses on intended use of the space, and designs enhanced and supportive environments enriching the experience of the user.

The EcoChi 180° Seal Certification is the only experience-focused, sustainable interior design certification that is customized for your project. EcoChi 180° Certification helps any business, location or project make a 180° turn towards a model that respects people, the planet and profits. Eighteen Guidelines are documented for a supportive, sustainable and effective environment. The property is then awarded the EcoChi 180° Seal: “Your commitment to people and  the planet etched in stone”.