EcoRIG is a unique ground operated system which raises, secures and lowers display and lighting at height, which can be used by in-house staff to reduce the use of access equipment and so reduce costs, administration and disruption.

Double height windows, atria areas, balconies, escalator voids and stairwells – all present a challenge to retailers and designers who want to optimise these areas to increase the value of the space.

In response, EcoRIG continues to develop a range of solutions which offers a cost-effective and viable method of installing and maintaining visual merchandise, props, decorations and other 3D collateral.  All systems are designed to be safe and simple to use so in-house staff can operate them easily and retailers can change display schemes more frequently to merchandise more lines and improve the consistency of their offer.  

Chandeliers, pendant lights and lighting tracks can also be lowered and raised at the touch of a button for easier maintenance and cleaning.