Ecoenergogroup - wood pellets manufacture

Ecoenergogroup is a private manufacturing company that was founded in 2008. The company processes wood wastes of joinery industry to produce wood pellets. The production facilities are located in Novogrudok, Belarus.

We are processing wood chips, boughs, sawdust and other types of wood mass to produce high quality wood pellets to export our products to the counties of Western and Northern Europe. We are planning to develop our production capabilities and start producing biofuel out of such raw material as straw, peat etc.

Our company helps woodworking enterprises utilize their production wastes deriving extra income from them. Therefore one of the main company’s activities is production of environmentally safe fuel out of byproducts of woodworking industry.
We help to preserve nature for future generation!

Ecoenergogroup was founded in v. Ladeniki, Novogrudok region, Grodno Oblast, Belarus. We process the by-products of woodworking industry and agriculture producing wood pellets. We primarily target at European market

Ecoenergogroup is a producer and exporter of wood pellets. We primarily export our products to the EU countries, as these countries badly feel insufficiency of wood pellets as well as raw materials to produce them. While some Belarusian woodworking enterprises can not find enough storage facilities to store byproducts of woodworking and agricultural products. Products produced in Belarus are very competitive since the labor force is relatively cheap.