EcoFarmer Australia is an innovative wastewater management treatment company that has been working on numerous projects around Australia for years, noticing the need to provide high-quality wastewater treatment solutions in remote locations where there are limited options available.

They are the provider-of-choice when it comes to turnkey wwtp system range designed specifically toward meeting client and project scope needs. As a result, they have designed and built what they now have today - leading-edge technology made accessible worldwide.

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Ecofarmer Australia offers the following services:

●     Sewage Treatment System
●     Waste Water Treatment Systems
●     Sewage And Wastewater Treatment
●     Portable Sewage Treatment Systems

Ecofarmer Australia delivers environmental sustainability to all sites, by ensuring wastewater treatment plants are always in compliance to minimise environmental impact and other sensitive environmental water matters.  

Their waste water treatment solutions can be seamlessly transported anywhere without disrupting natural resources or endangering human health at any point during transport.

With three dealerships in NT, WA and QLD and a nationwide service network our clients can be re-assured that they have access to 24/7 expertise with thorough product knowledge and exceptional service delivery at a touch of a button.

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Clean water is an essential resource for people and their environments throughout the world. Those who provide effective solutions for wastewater treatment play a major role in returning clean, safe water back to its source.
The sustainable operation of a biological wastewater treatment plant is significantly important to its removal efficiency, cost of sludge management, energy consumption and monitoring cost.

When a crucial wastewater treatment asset breaks down on-site or does not conform to environmental, safety legislation requirements, the potential impact on a small and large corporation could be quite costly.

Ecofarmer Australia is the trusted name in biological SBR and MBR wastewater treatment design. Ecofarmer Australia;  has continually evolved their wastewater treatment solutions over the past decade to meet the heavily regulated industry with the EPA / DES and DOH requirements for engineering structure, bio modelling and water quality outcomes.

They work to exceed their client's expectations and address any issues that may come up, being one of the most reputable brands in their industry.

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The mining sector faces many waste water management issues that can be quite costly to the lifespan of a project. The mining industry has found that remote areas display fragile environmental footprints due to sites being exposed to drought, flooding and end water quality across nitrogen, phosphate, turbidity and pathogenic microorganisms when compared to the environmental landscape.

The environment scope on mining sites can be highly variable, so are water treatment strategies, which generally include several different stages and technologies.

Recently, The Australian Mining Review sat down with Ecofarmer Australia Director Alex Roussetos to learn how the company’s innovative advancements and practices are playing a leading role in the development of cost effective, reliable and sustainable technologies for the sector.

Remote Camps
Commercial and resource sector companies can now ensure safe potable water for their workers and regulatory compliance of treated sewage without worrying about the remote location.

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Ecofarmer Australia has made this possible through its innovative solutions in waste water treatment technology explicitly tailored to these industry's needs - no matter how big, or small they may be.

Australia’s Number one growing Wastewater Treatment Service

The containerised, ‘PLUG AND PLAY’ wastewater treatment plants are designed for rapid deployment, providing ongoing wastewater treatment solution whilst also maintaining environmental site compliance.

Each system is designed and built to cater beyond the unique needs of our valued clients, based in remote working camps across Australia and the Pacific. The
EcoFarmer provides a cost-effective wastewater treatment solution, catering to the mining, gas and oil, disaster relief, defence and construction industries.

Utilising a durable and robust modular platform, the EcoFarmer includes a comprehensive 20 year structural guarantee, ensuring the long-term asset protection of your wastewater treatment investment.