Ecomport.com Ups the Ante for Social Networking

Summary & Body:

Ecomport.com has introduced the internet to the next generation of social networking by providing a hub for managing the major social networks with a user friendly interface.  Ecomport.com enables members to simultaneously share and view content on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Yahoo and others .  

Ecomport.com was born with a vision to empower a social community to make a difference in the world one voice and one relationship at a time and putting the  “social” back in Social networking.  To assist in fostering relationship building, cooperation and team work Ecomport has pledged to provide grants awarded to deserving entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations voted and chosen by the membership.  The participation of members in the grant selection process affords the membership a sense of ownership in the operation and therefore a truer sense of community within the network.  Interaction among members is encouraged and rewarded to further that sense of ownership and teamwork.   Members are encouraged to get to know their Ecomport friends and support them in reaching their goals by making introductions to other people, businesses and organizations.  

The launch of Ecomport.com allows individuals, companies and non-profits to generate funds through a two-tier affiliate program. Although the income generation is a secondary benefit of membership, it affords members the opportunity to improve their lives while striving to better the world as a whole without requiring any financial investment on their behalf.

Members have the ability to share blogs, photos, videos, music, forums and groups with the Ecomport.com community and by linking their other social network sites with their Ecomport, these postings can be simultaneously shared with as many or few of their other social networks as they choose.

Ecomport.com is a new and growing community that encourages individuals and organizations desiring to make a difference to actively participate and become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.