Ecorations is dedicated to promoting planet stewardship. We strive to grow our business into a nationally recognized brand associated with first quality products for gift giving and celebrations that are stylish, economically savvy and kind to the earth. Product innovation, conservationism and a dedication to providing superior goods and services for the environmentally conscious consumer are the cornerstones of our business.

Ecorations fabric gift wraps and bags bring an air of elegance to any gift giving occasion. Our product is ideal for the educated woman that values herself, the environment, and the presentation of a gift. The Ecorations consumer uses our unique, stylish and chic gift wraps to represent her sophisticated identity; all the while knowing that she is doing a good thing for the earth. She may use a bag as the gift itself, as part of the gift – a little something extra, or adopt a green approach with family and like-minded environmentally conscious friends, and save the bag for the next gift giving occasion. In the end, she stands out and makes a difference.

Founders Kathy de Jong and Debora Owens both left six-figure income jobs to pursue this eco-friendly business and be part of the new green economy.