Located in Quito Ecuador, Ecuador Bike Rental by Sleipner is the first and only motorcycle tour operator in the country with the Q batch. A distiction granted by the Tourism affairs department in Ecuador, in recognition to Tour Operators qualified with the highest service standards in the industry.

Their strongest side are motorcycle guided, self guided tours and rentals all around the country. They count with the best gear for adventure enthusiasts, 24/7 support and the most knowledgeable local guides available.

By saying this, I offer you basically something a bit far from the typical tourist guide that gives the same speech over and over again, looking for authenticity in your experience. Plus, trying to create an interface with you where you won’t need a pen and paper, nor a calendar in your other hand to make your holidays a dream.

Based in Ecuador, the logical step was to start at home and to show its beauties to the world. From one of the highest peaks in America, to the Amazon region, to an incredible adventure in Galapagos islands.

Our portfolio covers it all, most activities you have even dreamed of trying at least once. All in the same place. From water sports, to mountaineering, from motorcycling to bird watching. Or simply a lovely getaway to be able to unplug yourself.

I sincerely hope you get to have as much fun as I do with the adventures I have to offer you. Regardless if you're a busy person, or someone that just decided to take a sabbatical year, the services here help you tailor your adventure to your time, budget and likes.