The creation of this marketing education platform began in 2004 as the brainchild of a group of foreword thinking internet entrepreneurs.
Motivated by their desire to break free of the bureaucratic bonds of the traditional "brick & mortar" businesses they conceived a unique concept in the field of internet marketing education. This business plan has in two years become the internet's premiere marketing education and resource company, having at its core a team of the top marketing producers who encourage members to follow their lead, thus enabling members to produce swiftly without the mistakes, pitfalls, scams, etc which is ultimately the downfall of 97% of those that enter this market.
Ed Lange Marketing South Africa has embraced the company's philosophy and is inviting candidates to the team. The motto of Ed Lange Marketing is "Carpe Diem" - sieze the day, Their mission is to build a strong, ethical marketing community in South Africa with the greatest integrity.