EDANA Entertainment is the brain child of  Eddie Luisi of Good Morning America in NYC, and Publicist, Promoter, and Marketer, Anita Sayago, a Native New Yorker herself, who currently resides in South Carolina.

​With experience in all facets of the entertainment business, and significant relationships with agents, managers, producers, and record companies, their services help "select" artists reach their immediate, and long term goals. EDANA's strong marketing, and promotional skills serve to enhance an artists already existent commercial viability, and visibility.

EDANA Entertainment is an East Coast company, but with regards to talent, is not limited by geographic location. Essentially, it is their goal to bring local, and regional talent, that may otherwise be overlooked, to the forefront of the industry. It is important for EDANA to see the local music, and overall arts scene, grow, expand, and reach new heights.

​While EDANA makes no promises, nor do they have a crystal ball, they strongly believe that the artist's they choose to work with have that "something special," and merit the attention of industry professionals, as well as, the masses. EDANA is aware of the odds of making it in the business, and uses this knowledge to fuel them, rather than discourage them.

EDANA is about building relationships, and affording their artist's opportunities they may not have otherwise. They will exhaust all efforts to facilitate their artist's journey in the industry. Their goal will always be to take their artist to the next level by providing them with the tools, and the accessability to talented industry professionals in order to make it happen.

At EDANA's core is the understanding that everything they do is with the utmost integrity, ethics, and deep moral principle. It is their goal to breathe life into an artist's dreams.

EDANA looks forward to being part of your journey.

With faith, talent, passion, and hard work, anything is possible!!!