For immediate release: 01/26/2015
Diwakar Nag
(408) 204 6520
888 Saratoga Ave, #210
San Jose CA 95070

EdgeAll takes online math education for K-5 to a new dimension
Completely free, no-ad math learning website launched for students, parents and teachers

San Jose, CA: Today, EdgeAll, a company with focus on online education, has publically launched www.edgeall.com. This common core aligned, world-class, video lesson based math learning unlimited  practice website for K-5 is completely free with no ads.

Sunita Kumari, the founder, says that the depth of the math content and video lessons found on EdgeAll cannot be found on any other such website.  

This web-site is a real boon for parents who have been looking for a good way to improve their child’s math skills. The main features of this website are:
FREE & Ad-FREE access to world class Math Learning & Practice
Ability to create development goals personalized for your child
Unlimited Problems to practice until your child becomes an expert
100s of grade specific Concept and Topic video lessons for each area. These instructor led lessons are designed to teach underlying concepts as well as problem solving skills
Step-by-step solutions for each problem. Even if you are busy, your child always has help
‘Show My Work’ whiteboard to show and save your child’s work. Helps identify knowledge gaps
In-depth progress reports to monitor child’s progress and areas of weakness
Functionality to set goal achievement rewards to keeping your child motivated
Features to encourage collaboration between the child, teacher and you

About EdgeAll: EdgeAll is a company based out of San Jose, CA. It was founded by 3 entrepreneurs in the high-technology space who are also parents of young children and wanted their children to academically do well in life. The EdgeAll mission is to be the market leader in Math content making quality education accessible to everyone.
Contact: Diwakar Nag/Sunita Kumari
EdgeAll, Inc
888 Saratoga Ave, #210, San Jose, CA 95070
408 204 6520 dnag@edgeall.com