Edge Media is on the cutting edge of technology, integrating new media channels into our marketing strategies as they become available.

Our experienced advertising and marketing consultants are not afraid to get out of the box.  We used mobile marketing before it was mainstream, social media when there were just a few Tweets, and believe the time for interactive media has arrived!   Edge Media is research based, strategy driven, and results focused. Our advertising and marketing consultants deliver superior results by eliminating the guesswork from the marketing process.  

The EDGE approach includes thorough market research which guides our marketing strategies. Our scientific approach eliminates guesswork and controls variables that can impact results. Research based marketing strategies are matched with appropriate marketing channels to deliver measurable ROI. We test small samples, measure results, and are constantly improving response as a result of the unique Edge Media approach.

Edge Media boasts over 50 years of combined marketing experience, but our experienced advertising and marketing consultants are still committed to the lifelong learning process.  We believe our clients' great results can always get better! We measure responses in an ongoing effort to increase profits for our clients.

Edge Media embraces new marketing technologies. Our leading interactive agency approach encompasses internet, mobile internet, social media, and mobile phone marketing with our proprietary SMS marketing software, as well as traditional marketing channels including radio and television advertising.  Edge Media is truly an industry leader among advertising agencies in Phoenix, AZ and nationally as innovative, creative, and delivering great results for our clients!

At Edge Media we weave marketing strategy into everything we do, making our clients' marketing dollars work harder and smarter.  We are accountable and available.   For a Edge Media free marketing consultation,  click here: info@edgemedia.biz