The Edmonton Paranormal Society was founded in 2008 by Ehren Ackerman to provide a meeting place for people who have similar interests and experiences with the paranormal. It very quickly evolved into a family of people and groups all dedicated to helping others find answers to all of their questions.

Edmonton Paranormal Interests Club is the original faction of Edmonton Paranormal Society. It is a group that is open to the public to come and discuss their experiences, interests, and anything else they may find interesting. Here people can speak with actual paranormal investigators, psychics, and other people who have similar beliefs and interests.

Paranormal Research and Rescue was born out of a group of individuals who met at E.P.I.C. and decided that; with their experience and equipment, would help people learn about their own experiences in their homes and rescue those who are dealing with extreme activity. P.R.R. is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable team who; along with the rest of Edmonton Paranormal Society, help others reach their desired outcome in their own situations. They are armed with the most equipment, and work with their clients own personal beliefs to relieve the situation and resolve any undesired activity.  They arent the typical investigators, they are the best, the most honest, and the most respectful team in the industry.

Interactive Clairvoyant Understanding is the newest addition to the Edmonton Paranormal Society family tree. This is a group comprised of people who believe that they themselves may have psychic or mediumistic abilities or are supporting someone in their lives who does. Run similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, it is a confidential and supportive group who teach through a peer-to-peer method. Parents who have children with abilities are also very welcome to attend to learn how to support their growth and meet other parents who are going through the same experiences.

In conclusion, the Edmonton Paranormal Society family is the next generation of paranormal research and paranormal support. It is personal, it is honest, it is confidential, and it is sincere. We hope that you can find everything you need or want to learn about here.