3D Educational Solutions provides services and products that help the teacher teach and the learner learn in the most effective and efficient ways possible. 3D Educational Solutions evolved from the experiences and conversations between teachers and a school-based language/speech specialist. The authors’ primary concern, at the time, was that at-risk high school students continued to be unsuccessful at writing a basic essay despite the best efforts of teachers.

A program evolved that provided teachers with effective instructional methods as well as comprehensible materials of interest to high school students. The program, called “Talk/Write,” has since been piloted in Barstow, California, with great success.

Talk/Write is only the first of the 3D products offered to the teaching community and incorporates the instructional methods taught in our training workshops. We look forward to reader feedback and requests in order that we may develop products that continue to meet student and teacher needs. Teachers, Parents and Tutors can follow us: online at www.3deducationalsolutions.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/3DEducationalSolutions.