Dr. Lauren Kennedy-Smith, PhD., D.Psy., N.D...etc. has been a practicing psychotherapist for twenty years. Concurrently - and, in the past  to supplement scholarships - Dr. Lauren performed at comedy clubs across North America. She also became an accredited "laughter therapist". In spite of her ongoing work as a trauma expert and critical incident counselor at human disasters and war zones, she has continued to perform as a comedic scholar or educator-entertainer, to corporate, association and public audiences. She is also the author of 9 books, an incisive television commentator, and a practicing psychotherapist. Dr. Lauren responded to a request to be the psychologist on Canada's 2010 season of Canada's Worst Driver - an inane look at how dangerously most people drive.
Recently, information has been released that indicates that Dr. Kennedy-Smith has played roles and been involved in activities around the globe related to espionage and anti-terrorist activity specifically. A book is forthcoming on Dr. Kennedy-Smith's history of involvement.