Êelios, Inc., based in Omaha, Nebraska, is a spin-off subsidiary of Omaha-based parent company, 21st Century Systems, Inc. (21CSI) www.21csi.com. Eelios is all about solving the problem of getting good personalized, lifestyle-tailored weather information, "just for you right where you’re standing, wherever you are" with its WxFix (TM) "Lifestyle Weather"  family of weather applications.  Combining proven military-derived 21CSI decision support software technology with innovative patent-pending software technology for WxFix, Eelios has a great team to execute its vision of changing the way people think about how and where they get personally relevant weather information.

WxFix, initially launched as an iTunes app for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, is the first in a family of lifestyle-oriented weather applications Eelios is developing that enable individual users to personalize weather forecasts just for them. The places people need to continuously monitor for how the weather will affect their daily lifestyle -- the day-to-day activities and events that make up everyone's daily schedule.

Using the iPhone's location-finding capability, WxFix dynamically syncs with the user's exact latitude / longitude location, providing weather forecast information users need precisely where they need it, wherever they are standing or moving.

Whatever or wherever the activity – traveling on business, hiking the backcountry, heading to a favorite beach, heading to a kid’s soccer game, picnicing with family, fishing a favorite lake spot… almost any activity people pursue -- WxFix enables users to create their own personal 6-day, hourly-updated weather forecast for anywhere in the continental U.S. just by dropping a pin on an interactive, high-resolution map. Users can then zoom in on the map, drag the pin to the precise point they want to monitor, and save it. It’s that simple!

Users may create and save as many pin locations as favorites as desired using the integrated search utility for quick location finding on the map, and automatically receive. severe weather alerts for each saved favorite location. Users can even personalize their favorites with photos from their iPhone camera or photo library, and share favorites with other iPhones via Bluetooth, or with anyone via Email.

Users can also access local Doppler radar feed overlaid on an interactive high-resolution map display, giving them continuously updated "real time" looped radar for their current location, or for any of their saved favorites.

Eelios intends to follow up its initial WxFix iPhone app with additional related products and services, targeting other markets with a broader cross-section of customers and users.